Slice of Life—Post #1



I can tell already this will be a challenging month when the most creative title I can think of is “Slice of Life—Post #1”!  😉 This is my first March Challenge, and actually my first SOL post ever.  I came across the Two Writing Teachers’ blog through a friend of mine and was hooked right away.  

Okay, enough of the introductions, lets get to the good stuff.


I was thinking about what I might slice today on my way home from judging a high school speech meet.  I was thinking about the speeches that I saw and the students I encountered.  I thought about the road I was driving on and how it was pretty neat I went somewhere that I had never been before, even though I live so close.  The wind battered at my car and snow came in bursts that swirled up and around my car but never stayed for more than a few moments.  

As I was thinking about all these things, I realized how much things change in just a few years.  Not so long ago, I was in those students’ shoes…saying my speeches over and over in my head on the bus ride there…making sure I had my script books and high heels and visual aids and my backpack and most weekends, my sanity.  I thought about the long Friday nights I had spent at the high school preparing with my coaches and teammates and wondering if those nights would pay off in the end.  When I competed in my final meet my senior year, I thought that was the end…  When we preformed at our speech night, I thought that was the end..  

What is the end?

I still have not reached the end.

I am constantly learning new things about education: writing strategies, teaching strategies, speaking strategies, Universal Design for Learning, differentiation, how to get a student excited to write a paper, the list continues…

But you know what?  The thing that struck me the most when I was driving home today was the fact that I did not know those nights and weekends practicing and presenting was actually preparing me for something much later in my life.  I did not know that my actions would directly affect my future in the way it did.

In my future, I’ll be on the opposite side of the classroom.  I’ll be checking the assignments.  I’ll be reading essay after essay.  I’ll be facilitating the learning,  I’ll be creating classroom rules.  I’ll listen to frivolous homework excuses and read heartwrenching journal entries.  

I’ll never reach the end.

Thank goodness.



10 thoughts on “Slice of Life—Post #1

  1. Sarah Tharpe Winchell says:

    HI there,
    Thanks for visiting my post. Yes sometimes it seem as if we are going in a circle. I know your students will benefit from your experiences. There is nothing like saying I’ve been there when it is the truth! High Schoolers rarely feel that anyone can identify with them. You will be a favorite I’m sure.


  2. writekimwrite says:

    It was interesting to be in on your thought process as one thing led to another a circle formed with no end! Welcome to the SOLC, you are off to a great start as you are thinking and noticing.


    • ehutchison says:

      I hadn’t thought of creating the circle in my SOL, thanks for pointing that out! Seems like that is how much of life goes. Thanks for dropping by and the kind words!


  3. Amelia@wakeupandwrite says:

    It is refreshing to read your slice and be reminded of that same energy I felt at the beginning of my career. I love teaching and find it a creative challenge everyday that continues to give me energy. But I kind of forgot the feeling of the beginning when I brought the vim and vigor to jump start the engine! Welcome to SOL!


  4. Laura says:

    wow, you reminded me how I felt when I first started teaching. I realized the best teachers are always students themselves, learning right along with them.


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