I don’t Monday good

Missed my alarm.
Missed my workout.
Missed making my regular lunch.
Missed my time to leave for work.
Missed that red light at least.
Missed a good parking spot,
Went back for it.
Missed my scalding hot coffee,
Now drinking it at the right temperature.

Miss sleeping in like my young summer days.
Miss warm weather.
Miss my warm gloves.
Miss my blanket and chunky sweater.
Miss the weekend.

Here’s to the inevitable Monday that haunts us every week.

I never miss Mondays.



7 thoughts on “I don’t Monday good

  1. Ellen says:

    The rhythm of this poem is wonderful – and the little thoughts that you throw in that shake us out of the rhythm and our assumption of what is coming next. “Missed the red light at least” was awesome. I totally agree with you about Mondays.


  2. Adrienne says:

    I woke up this rainy Monday with bad sinuses & a sore throat. I am usually a morning person, but not today. My coffee filter folded over during brewing and I had dishwater, so I tossed it out & started over. Not a great Monday.


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