Scissors, hot dogs, and hugs

Tonight, my youngest niece decided she wanted to cut her drawing. Using scissors much too big for her small hands, I offered to help her.

Making the “snip” noises, I cut where she pointed. She would turn her paper around and around and snip snip snip I cut away. Even though she isn’t speaking in full sentences, it was so fun to communicate with her with short words and gestures.

My oldest niece read her first whole book to me tonight. I loved hearing her sound out the words and figure out how to say each word in “Hot Dog” . I’m so proud of her for reading so well!

My middle niece drew my husband pictures and sat on our laps and told us about school. She picked up her sister’s book and was SO excited when she found the word “mom” and “dog” in it. Her hugs are always so full of love and giggles.

So that was my sweet slice of life full of little girls and laughter.


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