Thin Oranges and Fruit Loop Tea

This morning, a dear friend and I went to this adorable little coffee shop in town. It is modeled after a cafe in Paris and it is delightfully fun. As I was deciding on my drink, she asked me if I was going to get anything for breakfast there. Once I saw they had crepes, I was sold! What could be more fun than crepes and coffee with a friend? Not much I was thinking!

So we ordered our drinks and blueberry crepes and found a cozy corner in the coffee shop. As we caught up on each other’s lives, the barista brought us our orders. I got a cinnamon vanilla iced (of course!) latte, and my friend had an Earl Gray tea using steamed milk instead of water with a little bit of vanilla flavoring. We thought it was a little out of the ordinary, but then she explained that it really tasted like Fruit Loops cereal!

Once her tea was just below the “scald your mouth off” stage, she let me try a sip and YEP it tastes like Fruit Loops… Even better actually because it is like the cereal milk left over that is warm and cozy and not sugar-bombed out. Yum–definitely a new drink for me to order!

Ahh, then the crepes were ready. We ate and chatted. She showed me her snapchats that she saved and her snap story about Pokemon and of course got on a long discussion of Dr. Who and Sherlock (love BBC!) and tumblr and fandoms. We talked about school and work and the future and most everything in between.

As I was finishing my crepe, I noticed the fun little “decoration” on the plate–this incredibly thin-sliced orange piece in a swirl pattern. They just sat on our plates, waiting to be noticed. And when I noticed mine, it made me happy to see a bit of “sunshine” on my plate… Then I was really confused because how in the world did they cut the orange so thin? I don’t have the knife skills to do that, that’s for sure!

Every time my friend and I get together, we always end up with one thing that we break out into a huge giggle fit over. Today, it was the thin oranges. Last time, it was me trying to sing a chorus of a song and I ended up singing the completely wrong tune. Probably the funniest time was when we said “drust some the bugs” (which really was just a bad spoonerism) and we laughed so hard in the car I couldn’t see to drive!

So now we can add thin oranges to the list of ridiculous things we say. Thank goodness–who doesn’t need to laugh about thin oranges at some point?



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