Decorate your phone or tablet charger with washi tape!

During my daily Pinterest time today, I saw a simple picture someone had pinned about organizing chargers with washi tape. I don’t have that many chargers I felt the need to organize them, but I did want to try decorating them!!

So I ran into my craft room, found some pretty washi tape and grabbed my phone charger and got to work. It took less than 10 minutes to do this!


How cute, right!

I just started with my wall adapter and started the tape flush with an edge and wrapped it around. My wall adapter was just barely smaller than two pieces of washi tape wide, so I overlapped my second piece a little bit so it would be flush with the other edge and wrapped that piece.

Then I did the same thing with my phone cord plugs. (They only needed one piece of tape)

The best thing in my opinion is that it requires so little tape, that if it gets messed up or wrinkled, you haven’t wasted much tape.

Washi tape is great.


Did you try to decorate or organize your chargers? What did you use? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below!

Happy crafting and stay joyful,


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