8 Things I’ve Learned…

Well, another year of schooling is in the books.  *cheers*

One and a half years left.  *groans*

It seems like things have gone so fast…but so slow.

So many new things at first have become old hat, but this semester in particular it feels like I have learned so many things!!

From being a newlywed, to being a full-time student, from figuring out how to meal plan and everything else that goes with housekeeping….here’s a list of a few of my favorite new tidbits of knowledge 🙂

1.  If you can’t carry all your groceries inside in one trip, you bought too many groceries.


Spongebob understands

2.  Clean laundry is absolutely wonderful.  Folding laundry, however, is…necessary.

3.  I finally experienced my first lack-of-caffeine headache.  My coffee-maker left me this note:

coffe mug

It’s true.

4.  Weekly meal-planning is always a fun idea, but so is fast food, and ice-cream, and a turkey sandwich…It’s like a game what we will decide to do!

5.  You will learn allllllllll about your neighbors in an apartment without ever meeting them face-to-face.
Learning their radio preferences…
Evidence 1: Sharing the radio with them.
Evidence 2: Sharing the radio with the car with the bright headlights in our window at 2 a.m.
Their water habits…
Evidence 1: Our ceiling raining with water shared from our neighbors. *twice*

6.  This:


But really….

7.  Even though the future scares me a bit, I know that I’ll be prepared thanks to my husband, family, and infinitely long schooling.


There really is a cat meme for everything

8.  Life is sure is great


Stay joyful,



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