“Sew Tote-ally” Cute Tote Bag

Hi Friends!

For most of June, my man was away training with the military, so I saved up all sorts of projects to keep me busy while he was gone. One of my favorite (and simplest) is this “Sew Tote-ally” cute tote bag!  How cute is this blue chevron and red polka dot material?? As soon as I saw these fabrics, I knew I had to buy some!  (I didn’t know what I would make, but I figured it out!)  The blue and white chevron is duck cloth, and I found the polka dot in the quilting fabrics section. This combination makes the perfect summer tote bag!



This bag only took me an evening, can you believe it?


close up bag.jpg

The Fourth of July was my inspiration for this bag, so I found a cute star-burst stitch on my machine to add a little style to the bag.  Keeping with the chevron pattern, after I top-stitched the around the whole bag, I widened my zig-zag stitch to create a border  for the star-bursts.

full bag.jpg

My favorite part of this tote bag are the pockets I sewed inside.  I didn’t take a picture of those because well….(Promise you won’t tell anyone??) Sewing makes me excited, and when I get excited I tend to go really quick so I can finish my project and see what it looks like….which in turn made my pockets just a little bit crooked 😛  Now that that little secret is out, you gotta know that the pockets still hold PLENTY of stuff!  They are the perfect size for my cell phone, keys, a couple pens and a pack of gum.  Pretty much all the essentials 🙂  Plus, the pockets are sewn directly to the lining so there is no stitching showing on the shell.


Don’t mind my blurry mirror selfie! 🙂 This shows the size of the bag—perfect for my laptop and a book or two, my wallet, and whatever else I decide to stuff in there.  I’ve also used it for short weekend trips!  It’s great to hold all my toiletries and hair supplies, or a couple outfits (or both!)

I am by no means an advanced sewer, so this project would be perfect for beginners to practice with! The best part is that this can be easily adapted and changed to fit your needs.

Are you interested in a (FREE!) pattern for this bag? Email me at treasuresfromthehutch@gmail.com, or comment below with your email address!

Stay joyful and happy sewing!



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