||Find, Tweak, Try||XXL Chocolate Cookie

Hi Friends!

Oh man am I excited for this week’s post!  While I had been on a crafting kick this summer, school has taken over my life, so I’ve decided to channel my creativity into the kitchen (which means follow a recipe).  My Pinterest food board and cookbooks are overloaded with yummy treats to try, so I have been trying out some good recipes lately.  While doing this, I have created a method of cooking from start to finish.

My “patent-pending” Find, Tweak, Try method is a simple three-step approach.

  1. Find.
    1.  I have two main recipe gurus: Pinterest and the cookbooks we got as wedding presents.  Pinterest is great and all, but there is something special about the all-church cookbooks with tried and true recipes.
  2. Tweak.
    1. Admittedly, I never have all the right ingredients on hand.  Sometimes I’m willing to make a special trip for those really important ingredients (like flour or chicken stock), but the majority of the time, I just use what I have in the pantry.
    2. I’ll start with my core ingredients, such as the meat or vegetables, see what seasonings/sauces I DO have and DON’T have, then find things to supplement the recipe.
  3. Try.
    1. Finally, I give it a whirl!  Somethings have been a flop, but most of the time it works out pretty well!

So to kick things off, I’m going to start with my favorite recipe I have used my “Find, Tweak, Try” (FTT) method on.  So pull out your recipe cards or your Pinterest boards and your ingredients from your pantry because do I have a recipe for you!


need to share this recipe with you.  Seriously.  For all you chocolate lovers, you better try this right now.  Put down whatever you are doing and pull out your mixing bowl and spatula, because this XXL Death by Chocolate Cookie is now on the top of your priority list.  You can either make it as one big cookie, or make 4 small cookies out of the dough.  (Make the right choice here.  Go big or go home.  And please don’t go home)

Go right now to Sally’s Baking Addiction and check out this cookie.  It’ll take you like 20 minutes to make, and you won’t regret it.  (Okay, you might regret it if you eat the entire thing…but who am I kidding, you’ll be wanting another one!)

Luckily, I ended up having all the right ingredients for this recipe.  However, Hershey’s makes Dark Chocolate cocoa powder….so I used 1 tablespoon Dark Chocolate and 1 tablespoon Milk Chocolate to spice things up a little in my life.



Are you in the kitchen yet??

Find, Tweak, Try||XXL Chocolate Cookie

I went big and made mine into a massive chocolate cookie. Seriously so good



Please go to the kitchen now if you are not.

I made this once last week for my man and I to split before he went to work, and nearly every night after that he asked me to make it again and again

It tastes like a rich brownie on the inside, but it’s a little crunchy on the outside like a cookie. Best of both worlds.

Quick and easy
Absolutely delicious
Common kitchen ingredients

I struggle to get 2 tablespoons of egg measured correctly
Gone too quick!
Very chocolatey (Also a pro)

Okay, I think you’ve had enough time to get yourself into the kitchen to make this tasty XXL chocolate cookie, so get to baking.

Thanks to Sally’s Baking Addiction for this recipe!!

Did you make this cookie yet? Let me know how it turned out in the comments below!



Stay joyful,


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