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Hi Friends!

I want to share with you the wonderful AdvoCare products that are transforming our habits into healthy, active choices.  These products and supplements are designed with YOU in mind.  They are highly respected and well-known scientists and nutritionists for all lifestyles.  All work-out supplements are tested by Informed Choice before they are released to the public.  This means they are free of all banned substances, making them a safe and healthy choice.

One of their most popular product bundles is the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, which I am currently doing.  You can read up on our progress here for Day 1, and here for Day 5.  Check back every few days to see how the Challenge is going, and stay tuned for guest posts by others in our Challenge Group who want to share their story.

Have you heard of AdvoCare, but never knew where to start? Or maybe you stumbled upon my blog (welcome!!) and this is your first time hearing about AdvoCare and want to know more?  Our goal is to help you find the right products for your lifestyle and health goals.  Here are a few of my favorites that I think you might like, too:



To me, Spark is my instant pick-me-up without the delayed crash-and-burn that so many other energy drinks cause.  I was an avid coffee drinker and needed my mug to be full of the hot goodness each morning before I could fully function.  Once I started drinking Spark, I noticed an instant difference.  Spark helped me have a sustained, focused energy for a longer period of time than my coffee.  I’m not a morning person, but by “getting Spark-ed” when I wake up, I can enjoy the sunrise now.

SYS™ Day:

sys day

I seem to have chronically/hormonally dry facial skin.  I’ve tried many moisturizers, cleansers, and foundations all with no avail.  I tried this moisturizer and within three days I noticed a difference.  In the morning, I will either put it on right after I wash my face, or mix it with a little foundation to add some coverage.  I also use it at night after I wash my face.  My skin feels even and smooth like it hasn’t in years.



Catalyst is designed to protect your muscle while helping the body burn bad fats.  Currently I am taking it three times a day with my 24 Day Challenge.  It helps repair muscle fibers, so I try to time it so I take it for the second time in a day about 30 minutes before I work out.

These are only our opinions on the products and how they have worked for us.  Every body is different and has different needs.  Like anything, what works for us, might not work for you in the same way, and vice versa.  However, we are confident that AdvoCare has a product for you.

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