It’s been a delicious temperature this week.

That delightful in-between of seasons,

The savory smell of the ground coming to life,

Of the world coming to life again.

The windows radiate sunlight inside 

and it gets so HOT!  

Holy moly, it was so toasty in every building today!  I sure love the warm weather now, but yikes I am not used to this heat inside!  Last week it was freezing indoors and now this glorious weather.    

Don’t get me wrong, this weather has been wonderful 🙂  I just need to start packing up all my heavy sweaters and long sleeves and switch in my short sleeves and spring colors 😀


Thin Oranges and Fruit Loop Tea

This morning, a dear friend and I went to this adorable little coffee shop in town. It is modeled after a cafe in Paris and it is delightfully fun. As I was deciding on my drink, she asked me if I was going to get anything for breakfast there. Once I saw they had crepes, I was sold! What could be more fun than crepes and coffee with a friend? Not much I was thinking!

So we ordered our drinks and blueberry crepes and found a cozy corner in the coffee shop. As we caught up on each other’s lives, the barista brought us our orders. I got a cinnamon vanilla iced (of course!) latte, and my friend had an Earl Gray tea using steamed milk instead of water with a little bit of vanilla flavoring. We thought it was a little out of the ordinary, but then she explained that it really tasted like Fruit Loops cereal!

Once her tea was just below the “scald your mouth off” stage, she let me try a sip and YEP it tastes like Fruit Loops… Even better actually because it is like the cereal milk left over that is warm and cozy and not sugar-bombed out. Yum–definitely a new drink for me to order!

Ahh, then the crepes were ready. We ate and chatted. She showed me her snapchats that she saved and her snap story about Pokemon and of course got on a long discussion of Dr. Who and Sherlock (love BBC!) and tumblr and fandoms. We talked about school and work and the future and most everything in between.

As I was finishing my crepe, I noticed the fun little “decoration” on the plate–this incredibly thin-sliced orange piece in a swirl pattern. They just sat on our plates, waiting to be noticed. And when I noticed mine, it made me happy to see a bit of “sunshine” on my plate… Then I was really confused because how in the world did they cut the orange so thin? I don’t have the knife skills to do that, that’s for sure!

Every time my friend and I get together, we always end up with one thing that we break out into a huge giggle fit over. Today, it was the thin oranges. Last time, it was me trying to sing a chorus of a song and I ended up singing the completely wrong tune. Probably the funniest time was when we said “drust some the bugs” (which really was just a bad spoonerism) and we laughed so hard in the car I couldn’t see to drive!

So now we can add thin oranges to the list of ridiculous things we say. Thank goodness–who doesn’t need to laugh about thin oranges at some point?


Scissors, hot dogs, and hugs

Tonight, my youngest niece decided she wanted to cut her drawing. Using scissors much too big for her small hands, I offered to help her.

Making the “snip” noises, I cut where she pointed. She would turn her paper around and around and snip snip snip I cut away. Even though she isn’t speaking in full sentences, it was so fun to communicate with her with short words and gestures.

My oldest niece read her first whole book to me tonight. I loved hearing her sound out the words and figure out how to say each word in “Hot Dog” . I’m so proud of her for reading so well!

My middle niece drew my husband pictures and sat on our laps and told us about school. She picked up her sister’s book and was SO excited when she found the word “mom” and “dog” in it. Her hugs are always so full of love and giggles.

So that was my sweet slice of life full of little girls and laughter.

The Ice Cream Shop

Iced coffee.

Undeniably my favorite drink in the whole world.  I’ve got some close seconds–hot chocolate and Dr. Pepper are right up there, too.  But there is nothing like that rich dark coffee mixed with my favorite creamer (right now, the simple French Vanilla) and some ice cubes.  I have a pitcher in our fridge right now and it takes some pretty cold weather for me to switch to the hot stuff.

One thing that I love about iced coffee is that it instantly takes me back to summertime.  Every morning before I left for work, I had to pour myself one of those tumblers full of the cold “liquid gold”.  I worked at a daycare where we spent the majority of our days outside playing or walking to field trips, so that cool drink was always so refreshing!


One of my favorite memories from last summer at the daycare was a field trip to the zoo with the oldest group.  My coworker and I got the kiddos ready and before we left, our director gave us some “secret ice cream money” if the kids behaved really well.  We were under orders to not tell them about this prize they would earn if they were good; rather, we were to encourage them to obey and let things work out how they would.

The walk to the zoo was wonderful!  The kids hardly complained or lagged behind—we were all having a good time.  Icecream for sure.

Of course, not everything was perfect… there were some moments when we were ready to pack up and head home.  BUT, we wanted the kids to succeed (I mean, who doesn’t want ice cream in the middle of a July afternoon??), so we encouraged them to change their behavior, and they did.

There is a little icecream shop on the way back to the daycare and as we got closer, the kids started asking us if we could stop and we said we’d think about it.  The closer we got, the more the kids implored of us to get some icecream.  I was impressed with how persuasive they could be!

Once we were across the street from the shop, we stopped the line of kids and gave them a little speech.  Now I don’t remember the exact things we said, but we told them how before we even left the daycare, Miss Lynda had given us ice cream money.  She wanted us to watch your behavior today and if they were really good, to stop for icecream.  We also told them that there won’t always be a reward like icecream for good behavior, but that shouldn’t stop them from being good either!  The field trip to the zoo was so much better when everybody got along and was kind to each other.

Then, we told them how proud of them we were and let them get their ice cream reward.  They sure earned it!

Now how much of that did they hear and really understand when they were just staring at the icecream shop?  Hopefully a little bit 😉


Maybe that’s why I love iced coffee so much.  Sure, its wonderfully delicious, but it also takes me back through so many great memories of meeting up with friends for “coffee dates”, working at the daycare, and learning how to make it… And I do love reminiscing.

Slice of Life

Wednesdays are WAY better

Wednesdays are great. I get home from work and class at a decent time which usually leaves me energized to do something. Today, it was cleaning the house! (okay, its pretty small so it’s really not that big of an accomplishment 😉 ) BUT it sure was relaxing to go through each room and clean up.

I used to hate to clean. Yuck! Now I find the methodical chore relaxing and even stress-relieving. Disinfecting the counters and scrubbing the sinks, hanging up clothes and washing the sheets.

Must be something about this “adulthood” that makes me enjoy cleaning and list-writing.

It was so nice to not have to go anywhere for groceries or errands. I just got to spend my afternoon cleaning and doing our laundry. We had leftovers from last night’s supper, so I didn’t even have to cook!

After everything was cleaned up and laundry was well on its way, I decided to put my husband and my wedding pictures in our album! We got the prints back a few weeks ago and got a lovely album from his brother and his wife. So finally, I sat down, sorted out some pictures, and put them in our wedding album.

I loved looking at all the pictures from our photographer and see the fun memories from the our day! My man and I are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives that came and celebrated our wedding with us!

Sometimes, while we were planning our wedding, I had a hard time thinking about what it would be like to not be immersed in all things wedding like we had been for a year. As much as I enjoyed wedding planning, it is even better to be married! 🙂

Anyways, I had better clean up my mixing bowl in the sink. I even had time to make cookie bars tonight. Wednesdays are SO much better than Mondays!